Have Damaged US Dollars in Phnom Penh?

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Turn your damaged dollars into KHR, USD, or ABA cash transfers

Discover the fastest, safest, & easiest way to exchange your damaged USD - ensuring you get the best value without any hassle! Embrace the future of damaged currency exchange with USD Bong.

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Fast, Easy, & Efficient

Get your clean USD or KHR cash fast, with the option for convenient ABA bank transfers

Unbeatable Rates

Receive rates up to twice as good as local money exchange services, putting more money back in your pocket.

Safety First

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your transaction is secure and free from the risks of fraud or danger.

Primetime Pizza (Siem Reap)

After annoyingly paying 10-30% to exchange my damaged dollars with my bank and currency exchanges, I tried USDBong. They provided a fast & simple service at better rates! Highly recommend for business owners and even the average person stuck with damaged US dollars in Cambodia.

Owner at PrimeTime Pizza


Frequently Asked Questions

  • You can sell your damaged USD through by simply contacting us. You can come to our office or we'll come to meet you. Settlements for damaged bills are made thru USD, KHR, and ABA transfers.
  • We pride ourselves on offering the best exchange rates in Phnom Penh, typically up to twice as good as those offered by local money exchange services. Our rates are determined by the current market conditions and are designed to give you the maximum value for your damaged US Dollars. To get a specific quote for your damaged currency, please reach out to us directly for a fast and personalised rate offer.
  • Absolutely not. We are a legitimate, family-run business owned by an American and Khmer couple specialising in the exchange of damaged US Dollars, operating with transparency and ethical practices. We're dedicated to providing secure, fast, and fair transactions, backed by our commitment to customer satisfaction and trust.
  • Cambodian businesses often do not accept slightly damaged US dollars due to strict acceptance criteria set by banks. These institutions typically refuse damaged foreign currency because of the potential difficulty in exchanging these notes. Since businesses rely on being able to deposit or exchange the US dollars they receive, they are cautious about accepting any bills that might be rejected later, leading to a preference for only accepting bills in perfect condition.
  • This really depends on the amount needing to be exchanged. We do offer pickup services or can meet you in a public location. Simply contact us and explain your need, and we'll do our best to give a positive experience!

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